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Posted in Other general stuff about railways by Chairman Pip on 20 April 2010

Liverpool are making their way to Spain for their UEFA Europa League semi-final against Atlético Madrid. Under normal circumstances they would fly from Liverpool Airport, but obviously there are certain difficulties with that at the moment. So, they’re on the rails for their journey – Virgin Trains from Liverpool to London Euston, transferring to London St Pancras to join Eurostar’s service to Paris Nord, where they’re spending the night. Tomorrow the plan is to take SNCF’s TGV from Paris Montparnasse to Bordeaux, from where they’ll fly to Madrid (airspace in Southern Europe is essentially unaffected by the volcano). Clearly it’s inconvenient for Liverpool, given that they played last night and were intending to fly out on Wendesday, but sometimes events overtake the best laid plans, and you just have to get on with it. Unless you’re Rafael Benitez. In which case you moan and moan and say the game should be postponed, despite the fact that we’re right at the end of the season, games are tightly spaced and there is very little room for maneuvour. You aren’t hearing any complaint from Roy Hodgson over the fact that Fulham are going by coach for their away game against SV Hamburg. Is there any sympathy from the senor about the people that are stuck by the problems? Nope, just that his players will be at a disadvantage thanks to their journey (doubtless in First Class). Alright, it’s long, but there are worse ways to travel. For heaven’s sake, just pipe down and get on with it.

Merseyside to Madrid – Liverpool’s Europa League trek

Liverpool's great journey

Edit: It seems my advice has been taken on board!! Going through not just the live blog on the BBC, but the one on Liverpool’s website, it seems that Benitez is taking the journey in his stride – according to one reporter, he was on top form giving a morning press conference in the buffet car of the train from Paris to Bordeaux, and said that the trip had been marvellous for team spirit, even in spite of the fact that they all had to be up at 4.30am to catch the 6.30am train.

Liverpool FC: Live Blog


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