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Have you any dreams you’d like to sell?

Posted in Dreaming, Other general stuff about railways by Chairman Pip on 17 April 2010

Now I’m not saying I’m anywhere near to being a railway obsessive. So it’s a little worrying that I’ve started to dream about them. Of course, we all know that dreams don’t usually mean squat. In any case, the dreams that I remember having are often so completely bonkers, that it’s best to just laugh at the lunacy. Here for example are some of the non railway based ones that I can remember. The one that I had last night went sort of thus:

There I was standing on the platform at New Cross, on a normal weekday, waiting for the train. As it then happened, virtually the entire Southeastern network then went kaput, with no trains running at all, which was slightly odd given that trains to Ramsgate then started terminating at New Cross. Obviously that should have told me something, because Ramsgate trains don’t even stop at New Cross. Fortunately, London Overground had started running their services along the East London Line. “Good-oh”, I thought, until I saw that the train that was standing at the platform was not a 4-car Class 378, but a 2-car Class 172, with a front end that was certainly not one of a Turbostar. “Something’s not right here”, thought I, so I proceeded to get on a train, which for some reason was a First Great Western High Speed Train. Clearly, this wasn’t about to take me where I wanted to go, but thankfully I was able to jump off as it began pulling out of the station because some of the coaches were Mark 1s without central locking. By now it was getting on for 10.00am, and I thought it might be an idea to phone my office and let them know I might be a bit late. Fortunately, at that point a train was announced that was going into Cannon Street. Again though, the fact that it was a “Virgin Megatrain” service and that the train that pulled in was a Blue Pullman should have suggested something amiss. But by then time was getting on, so I got on the train and proceeded on my merry way. And that’s where I assume my subconcious took me elsewhere. It’s interesting the way way your mind works things out.

An intercity train on a commuter service, 30 years after it was scrapped, operated by a company that doesn't exist - interesting


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  1. curvylou said, on 10 February 2012 at 12:59 pm

    I like to think that eventually all my dreams (good ones only) will come true!!

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