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Who in this day and age builds a hub without access??

Posted in Great Britain, Infrastructure by Chairman Pip on 8 April 2010

Stena Line has announced its intention to move its operations from its current location at Stranraer to a new terminal at the mouth of Loch Ryan. This in itself is a good thing, as it means that the ferries to Belfast will no longer have to sail the length of the loch, making the journey time faster. That being said, there are no plans to build a rail connection to the new facility. At the moment, Stranraer railway station is right next to the existing ferry terminal, and trains are timetabled to allow passengers to meet a sailing. Now though, for the new facility it will be road access only. Now, you would expect this of the rail hating SNP government in Edinburgh, but surely the UK government, the NI Executive, Network Rail and Stena Line would all be able to see the benefits of giving the new terminal rail access, especially given the place’s isloated position. It’s bad enough that Cairnryan, from where P&O run their ferry services to Larne, has no railway access, but for both facilities to be removed from the network, when governments are trying to persuade us all to use our cars less, is just folly.

“£200m Stranraer ferry port move investment announced”
“Scotland to Northern Ireland gateway on the move”
“Ferry port move may be end of the line for Stranraer”


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  1. […] if you are making a journey that needs you to use more than one mode. Anybody therefore that builds a new transport hub without interchange should be classified, alongside the BNP, as a high level moron. So, those clever Dutch should be […]

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