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What can you do?

Posted in Customer service by Chairman Pip on 19 March 2010

British Airways cabin crew look set to go ahead with their strike over the next three days, with a second four-day strike planned for Easter, called by Unite. BA have said that as many as 65% of their passengers will be able to take their flights during the period, with the majority of their long-haul services to run. Yet, BA still insist on running their short-haul services to destinations such as Paris, Brussels, Edinburgh; all destinations that can be reached by train without a change. Of course, to transfer their passengers to trains would ultimately be something akin to a mortal blow to BA, because, assuming the rail services worked fine and got passengers to their destinations quickly and with no fuss, it would prove that short-haul air travel is pointless, at least when there is no change required on the train. However, we’ll see how much the rail operators benefit from the strike.

Of course, in the new spirit of union militancy, the RMT have also called a national strike of railway maintenance and infrastructure workers for the Easter period. This may well mean long distance intercity services can’t operate, as signal workers are included among this group. We can but hope that the RMT will end up crying wolf as they often do.

“RMT rail signal workers to take strike action”


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