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There may just be some hope yet

Posted in America, Commuter, High Speed, Infrastructure by Chairman Pip on 4 March 2010

Perhaps, just perhaps, there is going to be some joined up thinking from the various levels of government in the US in regards to the development of the railways. The Mayor of Orange County, Florida, Rich Crotty has sent a letter to Rep. John Mica, the representative for the Florida 7th Congressional District, that he raise the issue of potential federal funding that will allow a connection between the proposed high speed line from Orlando to Tampa, and the planned SunRail commuter network that will serve the Orange County region. Because these are, at the moment, completely seperate projects, there is no coordination between the various organisations about connections. Clearly, those weilding the political power are actually giving serious thought to an integrated rail service for their constituents, rather than just focusing on the $1.25bn of federal funding that has been poured into the high speed project. Well done Mayor Crotty for raising the issue.

Of course, with it being America, there’s always a car loving nay-sayer willing to vent his spleen. I give you verbatim a comment on the news story I’ve linked to at the bottom of the page, in case you miss it should you read the story yourself:

This is going to be a big failure!!! The price of a ticket is said to be $30 one way from Orlando to Tampa! Driving my 8 cylinder truck to Tampa and back is cheaper than that. How stupid can they get?

Mar. 4, 2010 10:44am EST | from Dennis

Dennis, the thing will take around six years to build, so any speculation about the price of using the high speed line is a bit premature don’t you think? In any case, the point is to actually get cars OFF the road so that dimwits like yourself will have petrol for longer to use in your 8-cylinder truck.

“Local Leaders Seek Commuter Rail Fix”


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