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It’s good to be simple

Posted in Customer service, Great Britain by Chairman Pip on 18 February 2010

As part of the rollout of Oyster PAYG on National Rail services in London, a proposal has been mooted to further simplify the fares structure for more people in the capital, and that is to introduce “Zone 7” as the outer ring. At present, TfL divides London into six fare zones for rail travel (train, tube, tram), with differing fare prices for travel within one or more of them. There are three further “special” zones (7-9) for the stations on the Metropolitan line and Watford line that are outside Zone 6. However, the creation of Zone 7 would bring many more commuter stations under the TfL fare scheme, which would no doubt bring fares for those communities more into line with what people who may only live a mile further in are paying. Of course, this is a proposal, and the Mayor has no power over the TOCs. But the Mayor will be listened to by the DfT when the time comes to set new franchise terms. Watch this space.

“Boris Johnson plans Zone Seven for suburbs transport network”


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