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Even in the future

Posted in Other general stuff about railways by Chairman Pip on 27 January 2010

Babylon 5 is a modified O’Neill Cylinder space station, designed around a rotating cylindrical section that provides artifical gravity. The space station is 5 miles long from tip to tip, although not all of it is habitable. Because of the length of the station, walking from one end to the other takes a long time and is thus inconvenient. So, Babylon 5 has its own mass transit system – built along the centre of the cylinder, the “Core Shuttle” is a rail system that operates not with t he bottom of the car on the rails, but the roof – specifically it is suspended, monorail like, from the rail. Because the Core Shuttle is built through the centre of the cylinder, it is also at the point of lowest gravity. The system runs in a straight line, with a total of fifteen stops along the way. Nice to know that even in the future, trains have a role to play in moving people around.

Core shuttle

Core shuttle station


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