Chairman Pip's Railway Thoughts

Getting your act together…finally

Posted in Great Britain, Rolling stock by Chairman Pip on 20 January 2010

The global recession affects businesses all over. Thus it was with Bombardier, Britain’s sole remaining train builder. Bombardier has had a relatively full order book over the last couple of years, with orders for First Capital Connect, London Overground, London Midland and Chiltern Railways, as well as its two lines for London Underground. However, a year or so ago, they were forced into something of a corner, not through their own difficulties but the difficulties of their suppliers. A consequence was that the delivery of the Class 377s for First Capital Connect for the enhanced Thameslink timetable was late, bringing about one of the most complicated rolling stock cascades ever seen! A knock on effect of the Class 377 delays was delays to the delivery of the Class 378s to London Overground, which then caused delays to the Class 172 orders for several operators. However, deliveries of the 377s are now complete, while the 378 deliveries are progressing smoothly, allowing Bombardier to move its production lines over to the Class 172, and the Class 379, and it means that there has been little loss of confidence in Bombardier to meet its obligations. Hopefully, now that Bombardier has gotten its act together, has ensured its supply chains and is delivering its products to something approaching its agreed schedule, the company, and the local economy in the East Midlands, will prosper, especially should it win the new Thameslink order.


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