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Oh you are kidding me

Posted in Customer service, Europe, Great Britain, High Speed, Infrastructure, Rolling stock by Chairman Pip on 21 December 2009

Eurostar have been having a bit of bother over the last few days, which all started when four of their trains failed in the Channel Tunnel itself at the weekend. For the last couple of days they have not been running any trains at all. The excuse given, in simple terms, is that there has been “the wrong kind of snow”. Apparently it has been “big and fluffy” in northern France, which has meant that the snow shields on the trains haven’t worked properly. They’ve also blamed the temperatures and humidity in the tunnel. The Met Office had this to say about the fluffy snow explanation:

You only get fluffy big flakes of soggy snow when the temperature is near freezing. At lower temperatures, it becomes very dry, hard and crystalline, not sticky, more like little lumps of ice

The wrong kind of snow is an excuse British Rail used a decade ago. To come up with it now is pretty crap on Eurostar’s part. As for the tunnel excuse, Eurotunnel have said that it is kept at a constant temperature. So, the problem I guess is with Eurostar’s trains. Perhaps they need to do something to make their trains a bit more weather proof. Or turn the service over to someone who perhaps can do it right. Like Deutsche Bahn maybe. Somehow, I can’t see the Germans blaming the wrong kind of snow for their trains failing. If they ever fail that is.

“Eurostar blame ‘fluffy French snow’ as 100,000 passengers remain stranded”


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